Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pajama Storytime: Ducks!

Where is Thumbkin?

Dooby Dooby Moo by Doreen Cronin, illustrated by Betsy Lewin. I just love all the singing that happens in this one. It's a really fun one to read, especially if you can get the kids to sing along with you, and all the adults LOVE it when you do "Born to be Wild" with quacking noises.

Hickory Dickory Dock

Way up high in the apple tree (raise hands above head)
Two red apples did I see (make hands into fists)
I shook that tree as hard as a could (wave fists wildly about above your head)
And down came the apples (crash hands into lap)
And mmmmmmm. They were good (make yummy motions on your tummy)

10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle. Fun adventure/counting book about rubber ducks that fall off a container ship and where they end up. I mention that it was inspired by some real rubber ducks that fell off a container ship and by studying where they ended up, scientists used them to learn a lot about ocean currents and patterns. (You can read a lot more about that in Tracking Trash by Loree Griffin Burns.

Shake My Sillies Out (marking the Pajama Time debut of my ukelele!)

5 Little Ducks. (Over storytime break, I finally made a flannel board for this one, but storytime was in a temporary odd location this time and getting the actual flannel board there was more than I wanted to deal with. So I played my uke!)

Farmer Duck by Martin Waddell, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. I love this story about the farmer who stays in bed all day and makes that duck do all the work. The kids also catch on pretty quickly to the repetitive nature and can say it along with you, which is always fun!

to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It"
If you're sleepy and you know it great big yawn!
If you're sleepy and you know it great big yawn!
If you're sleepy and you know it and it's really time to show it,
If you're sleepy and you know it great big yawn!

If you're sleepy and you know it, say goodnight...
If you're sleepy and you know it, start to snore...
If you're sleepy and you know it, do all three.

to the tune of "Bye and Bye"
Stars shining number, number 1, number 2, number 3,
Goodnight, say goodnight
Stars shining number, number 4, number 5, number 6
Goodnight, say goodnight
Stars shining number, number 7, number 8, number 9
Goodnight, say goodnight, it's time to go, and say goodnight.

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  1. I used to say these stories and rhymes to my daughter to reinforce healthy sleeping cycle.

  2. Oh my gosh, your blog has been a miracle for me today! It's nearing the end of the school year (you know, the time when all the kids AND teachers start counting the weeks...then the days...then the hours?) and I was stuck for what to do with my early childhood and multi-age (special needs/inclusion) classes. Then I found all your amazing story times! Thank you so much for sharing.


  3. I remember my daughter when she’s still young and always wants me to read her a story book before she goes to sleep. Since then books became her friends before she sleeps, in fact we even made a mini library in her room just to organize her books.