Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Book Discussion

Ok, today really was the last book discussion group until fall.

We read Binky the Space Cat by Ashley Spires.

I chose this one because school's out, and it's funny and short comic book. Not only is it a fun one for the beginning of summer, but we get a lot kids in the summer who don't come during the school year, so the length would allow kids who found out about it later would still have time to read the book.

If you haven't read the book, Binky is a cat who lives in a space station (a house) in the vastness of space (outside.) His job is to protect his humans from aliens (bugs.)

Here were my discussion questions:

1. Binky doesn't talk. What are some of the ways the artist lets us know what he's feeling?

2. Binky has a list of all the ways bugs and aliens are similar. He uses this list to deduce that bugs and aliens are the same thing. What are some differences and similarities that Binky misses? (The kids had a really good answer to this that Shires missed-- ANTENNAE)

3. Binky isn't alone in his cat-alien-craziness. Who's being FURST? What do you think they're like?

4. If Binky made it into space, what creatures would he have to battle? What would the scariest? What cool things would he discover?

We had a great talk about aliens, vampires, Scooby Doo, blood banks, space gas, and little siblings, as well as Binky, the space cat. (One kid pointed out that Binky was based on a football-shaped cat the author's sister had, but that his football shape made him look like a rocket, and he was much more aerodynamic to catch bugs.)

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