Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Club

This month's book was The Cat on the Mat Is Flat, written by Andy Griffiths and illustrated by Terry Denton. There are 9 short, silly, rhyming stories with such titles as "Plinky Plonky and the Shonky, Wonky, Bonky Donkey."

A lot of it reads and looks like an early reader, but with 9 stories together, it's almost 200 pages long.

Here are the questions we discussed:

1. Did you like the book? Why?

2. What was your favorite or least favorite story? Why?

3. The rhyming text, the illustrations, the silliness, and the fact that there aren't a lot of words on each page makes this look like it's a book for little kids. What about this book makes it actually for big kids?

We then wrote our own silly stories along the lines of the ones in the book and shared them. Here's mine (it's gross):

There once was a girl named Dot
Who coughed and coughed a lot.
All her coughs were full of snot
And with her sister she fought and fought
So onto her sister she coughed all that snot!
Then her sister was all green.
She was greener than a bean
And covered in snot, she felt really mean.
But at least Dot no longer coughed a lot
Because her sister wore all her snot.

Here's something interesting I discovered-- the girls LOVED this. None of my boys came, so it was all girls. The zaniness of the book makes it seem like a "boy book" but the girls thought it was GREAT and kept giggling and reading their favorite stories out loud to each other. They also really enjoyed my disgusting snot story.

We also had a really good conversation about why the book was for older kids-- most pointed out the length. Other reasons were that some of the words were too hard for little kids and that the silliness was aimed at older kids-- little kids wouldn't get it the same way. And one said that it was a book that was aimed at older kids, but little kids would like it too and they could read it together.

Next month we're reading the Geronimo Stilton book All Because of a Cup of Coffee.

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