Thursday, April 14, 2011

Preschool Storytime

RainWell, we've done some re-vamping of our Thursday morning storytimes. Instead of doing 3 programs aimed at 2-5 year olds, we're doing 1 for 2-3s and 2 for 3-5s. We're not carding at the door or anything, but the programs will be slightly different.

So, now I'm doing the 2-3s every few weeks. This is slightly different than a regular preschool storytime because the stories are shorter and you need to do more action rhymes and songs.

Splish, Splash, SpringToday's theme was Rain.

Welcome and Introduction

Where is Thumbkin?

Rainby Manya Stojic
I love the bright colors and African plains animals in the is one. It's also a great book about wanting it to rain and works the senses in really well.

Rain PlayHickory Dickory Dock

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider (I do the climbing actions just by cupping my hands which is easier for those without the finest of motor skills)

Splish, Splash, Spring by Jan Carr, illustrated by Dorothy Donohue
I love the paper-cut out illustrations.

Shake My Sillies Out by Raffi

Big Rain ComingRain is falling:

Rain is falling down. SPLASH! (Wiggle fingers down to look like rain, slap both thighs on "Splash")
Rain is failling down. SPLASH!
Pitter patter pitter patter (alternatingly slap thighs)
Pitter patter pitter patter
Sun is peeking out. Peek (cover face with hands and peek-a-book on "peek")
Sun is peeking out. Peek.
Peeking here, peeking there
Sun is peeking out. Peek!

In the Rain with Baby DuckRain Play by Cynthia Cotten, illustrated by Javaka Steptoe
Another one with great paper cut out illustrations. How can you not love Javaka Steptoe?

Rain on the green grass (rub the ground)
Rain on the sea (make rolling wave motions with hands)
Rain on the house-top (make a roof over your head with hands)
But not on me! (shake head)

Are You Ready to Play Outside? (An Elephant and Piggie Book)Then we made a rainstorm-- have everyone rub their hands together, then snap their fingers, then slap their thighs, then slap thighs AND stomp their feet. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Then we stop stomping, then we go back to snapping, then we rub our hands together and then all is quiet and the sun comes out!

Big Rain Coming by Katrina Germein, illustrated by Bronwyn Bancroft
I love the pattern in these illustrations as people and animals wait and wait for the rain they need. It also goes through the days of the week.

The Rain StomperRain Rain Go Away

She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain

Here are some of the books that I didn't read, but had on display:
In the Rain with Baby Duck by Amy Hest
Are You Ready to Play Outside? by Mo Willems
The Rain Stomper  by Addie Boswell
Come On, RainCome On, Rain by Karen Hesse
Rain by Marion Dane Bauer
Splish! Splash!: A Book About Rain by Josepha Sherman
Who Likes the Rain? by Etta Kaner

When it comes to rain, the book I miss the most is The Aunts Go Marching by Maurie J. Manning. It's long, but it's a song and even young kids catch on quickly. PLUS, they love to yell the BOOM!s when it thunders. And I sing it really fast as they're running home from the rain. But, alas, it is out of print and my last copy is falling apart something horrible. :(


  1. Your library has _3_ program every Thursday morning? Wow--busy, busy. We often have 2 like toddlers at 10 am and 11 am, but never 3. Is the schedule year-round? The rain program looks great--I am ordering the Stojic. My favorite rain book: Thirsty Thursday by Root (also ok for toddlers--very short!)
    Thanks for sharing these. :)

  2. We used to have 2 every Thursday, but the room got over-crowded so we added a third one. It's very busy.

    Our story time schedule is year round. We have year round demand and keeping is consistent is less confusing for the customers and for us!

    I'll have to check out Thirsty Thursday!