Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Babies are Unpredictable

Many libraries don't do their baby storytime as a drop-in program. It's usually a 6- or 12-week session that requires registration. We do ours as a drop-in for one simple reason-- babies are unpredictable. It's hard to guarantee that you'll be able to get them dressed, awake, and out the door at a specific time, let alone a specific time every single week. As a non-registered program, I don't have to save a space for the babies who aren't going to make it one day. I do programs for those who can make it any given Wednesday morning.

My most regular baby attendees make it about half the time.

This is also the most weather-dependent program that we have. I fully understand-- bundling the bambino up, getting him or her into the car, to the library, out of the car and into the library for a 20-minute program and then do it all again in reverse? I'd be likely to stay home on very rainy or snowy mornings, too!

This is all to say... no one came this morning. There was no baby storytime. Ah well. At least I'm super-prepared for next week, right?

And! There will still be programming posts this week because I did 3 different programs last week that I forgot to post.


  1. Our baby and toddler programs are drop-in, too, for that exact reason! And ours are very weather dependent, too. If it's cold or raining, we're likely to have a very small crowd or no crowd at all. I've noticed our attendance changing a lot from season to season, too. Last fall we had huge crowds every Wednesday and small crowds on Thursday. This spring we have decent crowds on Tuesdays and only a handful are coming to Wednesdays!

  2. All our storytimes are drop in. We have toddlers on Tuesday and Friday, babies on Wednesday, and preschool on Thursday (with twice monthly Monday evenings storytimes for all ages). Oddly enough, it's our preschoolers that fluctuate the most. Baby storytimes build up until parents get freaked out at the large numbers, then it drops and builds again. Toddlers come always. No matter what the weather.