Saturday, February 12, 2011


Welcome to Library Noise, my new blog about library programming for kids.

Many people who know me in the blogosphere knows me from my blog, Biblio File, where I review books. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a teen services librarian. While my title is "Youth Services" I spend my days on a desk that serves kids birth-12 years/7th grade-ish.

Programming duties are split up evenly in our department. Every week I do a story time for babies (birth-12 months). I also have a monthly book discussion group for kids 9-12, do story time for kids 3-5 every few weeks, plan special one-off programs, and fill in for my coworkers. Plus school visits and field trips and career days...

When I first started programming, one of my coworkers repeatedly told me "Don't reinvent the wheel." I have learned from, borrowed from, and downright stole from many other librarians over the years. It's time I return the favor.

If you find something that you like, please use it!

If you're confused about actions to something or a melody, just ask! 

Now, let's make some noise!


  1. Hi! I am enjoying your blog, thanks for all great information and inspiration! I was wondering what font your heading?

    1. Sorry I missed this when you first asked! It's Fontdiner Swanky and one of the options in Blogger if you're in Template--Customize--Advanced